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Consulting Services for the Specialty Food Industry

What We Do

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We're experts at showcasing flavor, with special talents highlighting agricultural products and allergen-friendly fare. We help food producers share their stories and create deliciously engaging content for brands. Plus, we know where the best gluten-free pizzas is.
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Meet K.C.

Founder K.C. Cornwell's career in food and wine is a natural progression from being raised in a California farming family. After working on special projects at Sysco, becoming Executive Administrator of the Madera Vintners Assoc., and running a small restaurant group, K.C. chose to focus her talents on marketing and product development for artisan food producers and family wineries. Following her diagnosis with Celiac Disease, K.C. applied her expertise to the specialty diet market and started G-Free Foodie, a website for people living gluten-free.

Our Passion

Our passions? Food, wine, and farming, pretty much in that order. Well, you could throw coffee in. Developing new formulas, telling food stories, and helping our clients share their flavors with the world is what we wake up every day excited to do. We're here to provide expert, action-oriented advice and delicious content so you can make waves in the food industry.





Social media, photos, video: the world relates in narrative now. The story matters as much as the product. In fact, it's the best way to set your brand apart.

Food stories should get to the heart of the matter: who are you, and why should consumers care? Can you make their lives easier, more delicious, or bring joy? We'll find the place that your products connect with buyers' emotions, and let the camera capture the details.

Recipe Development
We develop tasty recipes that really work, with easy-to-follow instructions suitable for home cooks of varying skill sets. Then we take enticing photos, shoot tasty videos, and produce gorgeous ebooks that keep your brand top-of-mind.

Livestreams + Events:
Live events give consumers a chance to connect directly with your brand, building instant relationships. Since you've only got one chance to get a live moment right, preparing the narrative and tools are key. Whether someone on your team is making the appearance, or you need a fabulous influencer or guest chef to make it happen, we'll help develop a strategy for streaming videos, demos or live events that makes your brand shine.

Let's talk about creating engaging food stories that deliver customers to you.


How, when and why you share your story is as important as the story itself. We'll help you connect with your target audience in ways that are both strategic and meaningful.

Influencer Campaigns:

Impressions are great, but results are better. We work with influencers and thought leaders that cultivate relationships with their followers, customizing programs that make sense for their platforms and our clients. That's how we create win-win-win campaigns for influencers, brands and consumers that build both long term fans and increase sales.


Each of our clients has a story, market position and set of goals all their own. Our social media management strategies are custom-tailored for each of the brands we represent - we don't believe one size fits all. Our collaborative, nimble approach to social management is designed to cultivate engaged communities with dynamic content and meaningful interactions. We regularly review results to refine our approach, ensuring the efforts on your digital channels actually matter.


Channel audits. Strategic planning, Digital brand guidelines. Social media training. Our team studies algorithm changes, audience insights, scheduling tools and platform strategies regularly. (Honestly. "Geeking out" is probably an understatement.) We'll help you work smarter and make an impact with your social media efforts.

Let's talk about making your digital platforms stand out.


Are you looking for knowledgeable advice about expanding your food business, or how to even get rolling? Think you're ready for a co-packer or distributor, but not sure how to find one? Need a marketing plan that attracts consumers and wholesale buyers? We can help provide clarity on your next steps ​ and support your brand's transition to the next level. ​

With two decades in the food and wine business, K.C. knows how to scale production, market a product, and manage the wholesale and consumer sales chain. Whether you need one-on-one consulting with K.C. or your project requires the attention of our whole team (plus or minus a few of our industry connections) we'll help you grow a fabulous idea into a profitable food company.

Let's talk  about creating engaging food stories that deliver customers to you.